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The unusual strength of Voodoo Misfits Inc. as a professional association is based on the engagement of its members and their eagerness to create vital communities locally, among themselves. Voodoo Misfits Inc encourages and welcomes the formation of viable local communities of Voodoo Misfits Inc.members who can add local community activities and interaction to the ethical standards.

Establishing an Voodoo Misfits Inc. chapter is not an activity to be undertaken lightly. The strength of the organization as a whole depends on each chapter creating and sustaining an active, growing presence in its community. Programs, activities and services to members and community at the local level are critical to the growth of the organization nationally. To initiate a chapter, the following steps must be taken.

  • An interested group contacts the Voodoo Misfits Inc. National Board to convey interest in establishing a new chapter. A new chapter application is available on the Voodoo Misfits Inc. website.

  • The interested group reviews materials from the Voodoo Misfits Inc. page, including the bylaws of Voodoo Misfits Inc.

  • The interested group contacts any nearby chapters as a way of developing communications with others in the region. Other chapters are an important source of information and best practices.

  • The potential chapter organizes its board of at least 4 (Four) members and informs Voodoo Misfits Inc. National Board of the names, date of birth, address, and phone numbers of all board and members.

  • The potential chapter has met all requirements of a new chapter start up as written in Article VII, Section 2 of the Voodoo Misfits Inc. Bylaws.

  • Once all requirements are met and the National Board approves the provisional chapter. The National Board sends a sample Chapter Operations Policy for the provisional chapter to use as reference in drawing up its own Chapter Operations Policy. The National Board also sends two copies of the Articles of Association to be signed. One copy must be kept by the chapter, the other returned to the National Board.

  • The provisional chapter files for fictitious name (DBA) its state of operation.

  • The National Board files for the provisional chapter's federal employer identification number.

  • The National Board sends membership information and a variety of other materials to encourage membership and assist the chapter.

  • The National Board reviews and approves the provisional chapter's Chapter Operation Policy.

  • The provisional chapter establishes a social media presence and organizes in-person events to gather interest from their community.

  • The provisional chapter organizes events and recruitment activities. The National Board assists with materials and publications for distribution and display.

  • The National Board assists in identifying current members who may be more appropriately affiliated with the new chapter if any.

  • The chapter sends at least two board members to the annual national meeting; includes the National Board on its mailing list for events; provides program summaries prior to the annual national meeting; and in general communicates with the National Board about chapter activities. The chapter is encouraged to develop and maintain its own website using resources provided by the national organization.

  • The National Board communicates with chapter president and board members using email, personal visits, and periodic calls to individual chapter leaders.

  • The chapter must remain in compliance with the Voodoo Misfits Inc. Bylaws, and decisions of the National Board at all times in order to maintain the status of a Voodoo Misfits Inc. Chapter.

This process has the potential to take several months and requires significant time and energy from the group's leadership team. But when complete, it affects your community in highly significant and meaningful ways. If you have further questions, please contact us.


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